the troupial is a very aggressive but beautiful bird that robs the nests of other species. it was introduced from curacao and is chasing out the local oriole. they really love the fruit of the cactus and clean them out as soon as they bloom. llok below to see what they look like before the birds get them

there were clouds on the night of 08/09 november 2003 but we were able to get some shots of the lunar eclipse

the blenchi (emerald hummingbird) is hard to photograph. this is the best we could do

the rainy season has finally begun and we get lots of great sunsets, sunrises and rainbows

this honeycomb was built on a limb next to our road. We watched it grow and saw the bees tend the eggs. but the day after this photo, the bees left the comb and within a week it had been eaten by the birds and lizards.

when we have rain showers in the afternoon (not ofetn enough) we see rainbows to the east. this is a composite of two shots taken from our patio. the photo below shows that we really live at the rainbow's end.

we don't get much rain but when we do, the brazil trees (above) and kibrahacha (below) bloom bright yellow. the brazil flowers look like tiny orchids and the kibrahacha like giant forsythia.

we don't see shimaruku (wild cherries) every year, just when we have a lot of rain. these were from 2001 and we made them into jam, sherbet and juice. shimaruku have tons of vitamin C

the rains finally arrived this month and even the night crabs came out at noon to drink sorry for the jerkiness, we used our digital camera in movie mode

there are almost as many flamingos on bonaire as people but they are harder to get to know. we have many more birds like this warawara (vulture) and lora (parrot), lots of wild donkeys and lizards

we do have cactus, though. the flowers are quite colorful and they feed the birds, lizards and bats. below is a 'dama di anochi ' (lady of the night) that only blooms every couple of years and is pollenated by bats. the flower is about 10 inches (25 cm) in diameter

just watching the moon set (top), the sunset (middle) or the sunrises (bottom) is a full-time project but sometimes in the middle of the day we get sun halos (below).

we don't know the name of this tree but it grows next to our patio, blooms at night and smells like jasmine

starwatching is a favorite 'sport' of ours. on 15 may 2002, four planets posed for their photo with the new moon. the top shot was taken just before dark and the bottom one about ten minutes later

it's dry here most of the year so we always look forward to the rainbow season 2006

on february 26 1998 a total solar eclipse just grazed the island we were lucky enough to capture it with our telescope