in 1997, a group of americans, antilleans, dutch, english and canadians bought 9% of a plantation called 'bolivia' the area was re-named 'lugá alehá' ('a far-off place' in papiamentu)

the 305 hectares (750 acres) was divided into 22 lots of approximately 12 hectares (30 acres), six lots of about 4 hectares, a series of connecting dirt roads and several common areas

the group, 'vereniging van eigenaren lugá alehá' (lugá alehá owners association) worked together to create a list of restrictions that were incorporated into the deeds of the properties. under local law, these restrictions stay with the property in perpetuity

among others, the list includes the following

the lots can never be sub-divided

a maximum of two houses can be built on the larger lots and one house on the smaller lots

there can be no clear-cutting of the property

height and set-back restrictions apply

no more than 1/3 of any property can be developed -- the balance must remain untouched

access is granted to cross the property except for the homesite

as a result, a large tract of land has been preserved for the future despite the fact that people will build homes and live there.

to date there are our house, a few campsites and a second home is under development. if fully developed the area could contain only 56 homes but it is not likely to ever exceed 20

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